Preset Model for SWAM Plugins

Wondering of folks who are using SWAM VSTs (Audio Modeling) have a suggestion on how to manage presets.

The default Preset Model chosen by C4 is Entire Plugin Snapshots, which is slow (I sometimes use 3-4 SWAM plugins in a song). The SWAM plugins do have presets (Factory and User), but maybe they are not exported as Programs to the outside … I would like to use a faster, more lightweight Preset Model, but have not experimented yet to see if they might work.

I had a substantial issue with my master volumes being reset in SWAM plugins (and wrecking my whole set balance) when I switched machines … which seems to imply that Master Volume is not controlled by C4 in the Entire Plugin Snapshots model … perplexing.

Another issue I have is synchronizing the presets across the 3 audio computers I use. The presets folder for SWAM plugins is fixed (%AppData%\Audio Modeling\SWAMv3 on Windows) and I would need to create (in my system) another Windows Junction in %AppData%\Audio Modeling into my Dropbox directory.

And … there seems to be config data in %AppData%\Audio Modeling\UserData which I am not sure can be relocated.

Any thoughts on a good model for handling SWAM presets would be welcome.

I am using a couple SWAM instruments and would appreciate answers to these questions also.

I sometimes have a preset which switches to the wrong one, and I cannot figure out why. It’s rather frustrating when using live. I have to spend some time to look more deeply myself.

So far, I’ve not been able to get any recommendations from Audio Modeling on the best preset model for SWAM plugins under Cantabile. I think I’m gonna have to try a bunch of setups and explore the tradeoffs.

Big concert this weekend, so I’m not touching anything right no (although I just got a Windows Update … yikes!). I’ll dig into this next week …

I decided not to use SWAM plugins live.
At first I had problems with the GUI (vst3), either no reply to my question or something irrelevant (don’t remember exactly). So I didn’t come to the point where preset switching model is of concern.
I think they are busy with their IOS apps.

I have had good luck with the support system at Audio Modeling. Emanuele Parravicini has responded quickly and, although the conversation may need a few email round-trips, the issues have been resolved.

This preset issue is the only one that has been beyond their sphere of experience …

Still trying to get some suggestions for SWAM preset management.

I posted here:

… and on this forum:

and sent a direct query (copied below) 4 days ago, and still not responses on any front. It may be that most of the users are on the much less expen$ive iOS versions, which significantly fewer preset options. Or maybe folks just use one instrument. Still in limbo as to how to best manager these rather feature-laden presets …

Emanuele -

I am not clear if I can store a single .swamec file for this, or whether I need 33 files for each of the SWAM instruments. Here’s my setup:

When I load a new instance of SWAM into Cantabile (Win10x64), I configure Controller Mapping => MIDI Mapping & & Quick Reset => [PRESETS] => to the Factory Preset: Sylphyo Default

… Then I make a few “adjustments”:

  • Expression to CC2 (rather than CC11),

  • Growl from CC76 to CC4 (this is what works on the VL70-m with Matt Traum’s Turbo Chip),

  • Remove the MIDI mapping for [Volume] (typically defaulted to CC7). This avoids the problem of accidentally setting the SWAM volume from the Sylphyo - a problem you helped diagnose!

I would like to save a preset for this. It looks like MIDI presets are particular to each instrument, so …

Question 1: I would need to save 33 presets, one for each instrument? Is there no way to have a preset that simply overrides the 3 “adjustments” I make above?

Also: I run on three different host computers - the home system, the performance laptop, and the performance backup laptop. Rather than doing this, I would like to export (depending on the answer to Question1) either one or 33 .swamec files.

Question 2: Do I need to import each of the 33 .swamec files into each instrument on each of my two other computers? Or … If I simply copy the directory tree at /Users/Clint/AppData/Roaming/Audio Modeling/SWAMv3 between hosts (or share them via Dropbox), will those presets simply show up in the SWAM instruments when I open them on that computer?

Question 3: And … what happens if I need to modify a MIDI setting? If I change the 33 presets on Computer 1 and those files get copied to the other two computers, I would need to open all instances of all instruments I have in all my song files and re-select those modified MIDI presets? I am guessing that the SWAM instrument does not re-read it’s preset (or does it?) from the User Preset file …

Sorry for all the questions - but I would like to understand this before I set up a workflow to make this smooth …

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Got a reply from Audio Modeling … this does help:

A given external controller mapping preset (.swamec) is valid for any instrument of the same “family”: Solo Strings, Solo Woodwinds, Solo Brass.

It means that the same .swamec preset can be imported on any instrument belonging to the same family.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to share “globally” a .swamec preset. You should copy it into each instrument’s user folder, for each instrument belonging to the same family.

I realize that this is kind of an old thread. But I just went through SWAM hell and I thought I would share my findings. I was originally hoping to put a SWAM orchestra into a single linked rack. I started with just 5 string sections. Things did not go well. It seemed to work while I was editing in the rack and I was able to save it. However, going to another song and back messed things badly. My midi channel assignments all went back to omni (any). Other settings seemed to return to SWAM defaults. And the worst thing was that they were all transposed by the pitch bend amount. There were no transpositions anywhere and no pitch wheel sitting here on the couch. But if I set PB amount to 0, thing were in tune. I use the preset mode where all settings are stored in the song. I tried letting the preset be stored in the plugin snapshot, but the results were the same.

I went back to saving everything in the song and made 5 separate linked racks. Things seem to be working better now, though I haven’t really stressed it out yet. At least the midi channel and tuning are working.

Keep in mind SWAM’s annoying insistence that you must wiggle expression in order to get sound. When you change songs, there is no output until you wiggle the expression pedal or go in to each instrument and move the slider. If the instruments weren’t so damn good, this “feature” would be a deal breaker.

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I have a Song-OnLoad binding in my Sax rack that “wiggles” the exoression pedal automatically…

Thanks, Torsten. Great idea. I haven’t used bidings other than physical controls to vst controls. So much power here, it’s hard to keep track.

The expression wiggle worked perfect. Thanks!

However there are still issues with using the setting to save everything in the song. All hell breaks loose when starting the song. Main volume goes to zero. Instruments transpose by the pitch bend amount, etc. I have it working by saving the presets in the plugin. But so far I haven’t used different presets in different songs. I’m not sure I’m out of the woods yet. But it’s getting better.

One possible reason for the weird behavior when saving everything in the song might be that these SWAM instruments are talking to each other even though they are in separate racks. I had a violin section linked rack. I created another 2nd violin section linked rack when I added SWAM violin section to that I was warned that I should move the stage location of the new instance so it is not in the same place as the other. Crazy cool stuff.