Preset Disabled in NI FM8 - What to Do?

I really like the idea of Rack States and Plug In Presets. As some have suggested I am setting up a some Racks with just one Plug In and then defining the presets using my favorite patches. Then I can quickly, on a Rack level grab my favorite preset, without going into the Plug In GUI. Very efficient. FM8 however, shows up with Presets Disabled.

What is the work around for Presets being disabled?

Hi John,

Cantabile can create a custom fxb for each plugin including the FM8 patch you define. You then just change to preset 2 and dial in another etc… You can rename the presets by left clicking the far upper right corner of the plugin gui box. Also you can recallable Cantabile fxb banks.



Thanks for the suggestion. What you are suggesting would work if FM8 used bank files (.fxb). But I don’t think it does???

I think there are quite a few VST’s that don’t use .fxb files. It doesn’t seem like C3 wants to remember the FM8 rack state with regard to the Patch Sound.

Maybe I need to change the “State Behaviors”? They are just set to default.

Hi John,

I forgot to mention that I was referring to what are called in Cantabile “pseudo presets” . You have to create your own fxb banks using the cantabile fxb system.


For reference, here’s the blog post about Pseudo Presets.

Thanks Brad!

I will start reading.

Read the “Pseudo Preset” info.

FM8 still performs differently. Whereas Omnisphere has “Preset 1” , etc. FM8 shows them as “Disabled”, etc

The “Disabled” labels are Un-editable.

Found this:

FM8’s preset list will read disabled in any host unless you have a program list active. Because FM8 uses a database with way more than 128 entries, it uses a user defined program list to make a bank of 128 presets that:

  1. allow the use of program changes, and
  2. make the selected presets appear in host menus.

See pages 125 and 126 in the FM8 manual…

Source Reference

With many Native Instruments’ plugins you need to turn on user program list - it’s usually MIDI DIN connector icon - in case of FM8 you go to Browser and turn on the On-Off switch next to PC Programs

Found it!.. In the Browser window in the upper title bar there is…
Sounds - Instruments - Effects - Programs - Import - Export

To the left of the Programs is a power button this should be turned on and then the C3 Presets bar changes to this User Program list from “Disabled”. You can then drag the sounds that you want to this list.

Thank you everyone.

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Thank you as well. This saved me a lot of searching and head scratching.

Thanks for digging that out John! :smile:


John, glad you found it. All the NI stuff works that way (except Kontakt). Been bit a few times by it.


Very cool… I was wondering about all my NI stuff. Thanks for figuring that out.

I’m trying to set up a preset list with NI Massive. John’s post got me half way there and I managed to unlock the preset list but when I change the sound in a preset it just becomes the sound for all the presets, ie the presets don’t retain their selected sound. Also I am unable to rename the presets. They just stubbornly stay as 1:< empty >, etc.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Any news on this? I have the exact same problem with Massive. I’m not able to change presets on rack state change…


Alright! If you activate “entire bank” in the state behaviors, it seems to work. :wink:

And another edit: Doesn’t work well, because when I activate “Entire Bank” I get glitches when switching song-states although the state of the rack doesn’t change…

Hi @FantomXR

That doesn’t sound right - redundant state changes should be ignored and not affect the plugin at all.

Can you send me a verbose debug log of this?

  1. Options -> Diagnostics -> Verbose Logging
  2. Repro the issue, close Cantabile
  3. Send me log.txt


@brad: You are (again) totally right. It seemed to be Massive causing some strange clicks and pops.

Anyway: The NI software seems to be a bit “buggy” on this side. I can not get Massive and the Solid-Series (Solid EQ f.e.) saving their presets (or presets I create) into the preset-list. The only option I can get this working (it do NOT work with Massive this way) is to go into the state behavior panel and check all parameters of the plugin so that the parameters get stored in the rackstate. Not very convenient, but possible. The downside is that I can not “build” rackstates like I normally do. So… using the EQ-preset of the first rackstate in combination with the synth-preset of the second rackstate is a bit of work … but I’m not sure if you can solve this problem or if NI is responsible for that…