Pre Loading doesn't work with Waves Electric 88


Let me suggest AIR Velvet as an alternative - works nicely with fast switching and is my workhorse. You can get it cheap when there’s a sale every now and then (I got it for $9.99 instead of the nominal $99).

My ultimate electrics are currently VReeds and VTines from AcousticSamples. I use VST automation parameters for my different sounds, and they work very nicely with hardly any switching time.




Thanks Torsten I will try as soon as I can…9.9€ should be very good :–)
I have Vreed and is good and fast. Have Vtine good amplifier effect? Is it possible to simulate a good suitcase?


Agree with @Torsten… AIR Velvet is a good choice. Buy it here for $14.99


I use Velvet a lot too. It’s excellent, very easy to tweak, and easy to use to use presets.

  • Paul


Commenting on using Keyscape and Omnisphere: I use them in a live situation for sure, in single linked racks, and preload them. If there are good alternatives I use them (e.g. Pianoteq for acoustic pianos and CP80, and if I do not need the super strings in Omnisphere I take them from XPand2), but for EP’s I prefer Keyscape. As we know in our gigs what the next song is - we use pre-agreed setlists - I immediately switch to the next song in the list upon the last note of the song. Never had a problem with that. No delays, no latency.

It is wise to have at least a computer with 16Gb RAM, as preloading a few Omnisphere and Keyscape presets adds up. One trick is to use the 8 Omnisphere slots - assigning them to different midi channels - and switch Midi channel. That results in almost immediate loading. But preloading 8 presets adds up in RAM.

I actually revisited Waves Epiano 88 yesterday and must say I like it better than I thought, especially if you take some of the reverbs/effects off and replace them with - in my opinion - better ones. Still a difference between 29 and 350 (but Keyscape gives you much more different sounds, including a good Yamaha C7 acoustic piano, Wurlitzers, 2 Rhodes, and various others classic keyboards such as MKS). Especially during more quieter intro’s of songs for me it makes a difference to use Keyscape EPs. Sure, in a louder context, many other EP’s do as well.


I am still using the Scarbee plugs, along with all the newer plugs. They still hold up in today’s flooded market.


Is someone using Steinberg Vibrant? To me seams very good from youtube demo…