Pre-Load Setlist

I’m not seeing this option on the Tools menu:


In order to improve song switch times you can instruct Cantabile to pre-load all songs and racks used in the set list:

From the Tools menu, choose “Pre-load Set List” to toggle this feature on or off.
Whether to pre-load a set list is stored as a property of the set list, so you can have some set lists pre-load and some load on demand.

Depending on the plugins you’re using, pre-loading a set list may require considerable RAM. You can mitigate this by sharing plugin instances across multiple songs by loading them into racks and using the same rack in each song.

I don’t know if I am understanding what you are saying, but you select a setlist from the file menu, then go to tools to pre-load the setlist you chose, or created.

Thanks, Corky, but you’re either thinking of another TOOLS menu, or not understanding.

Maybe this function is version specific?

I am restored back to 3179 because I had some problems so it may be version specific, but I do have it under tools

Pre-loaded setlists are only available in Cantabile Performer, and I see you’re running Solo - sorry to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:


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Thanks Neil. Your eyes were much sharper than mine. I completely missed seeing that in his screenshot.

Thanks guys - adding Performer to my wish list…

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Hmmm. Having the same problem finding the Preload menu item. It’s not an option under the Tools Menu. I AM running Performer. Must have changed with a recent version upgrade??

The location of the preload has been moved, see below: