Possible to have two Rack locations?

Is it possible to have multiple Rack file locations? I have Racks for two different acts I work with that I would like to keep separate. I have D:…Band A\Racks and D:…Band B/Racks locations.

At the moment I get errors when I switch from one to the other.

How about mounting different rack folders to the same destination via the subst command? Then your songs can always use the same rack path.

Hmmm… Seems a bit of a kludge.

Maybe if I could have sub-folders in the main Racks folder?..

I use multiple configurations to maintain separation of church and band.

(although I do share the same racks)

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I’m finding multi configs too much of a faff to be useful, TBH. Sorry!

I’ve pretty much abandoned using them.

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+1 on that. The reason I did the same (might be ignorance on my part) I didn’t want to have to recreate all my global settings. Maybe there is a way to clone all those when creating a new config?

Indeed i remembered a talk about that earlier. Multi configs are no option for me either

Not exactly following what’s going on here:

What is the error and what do you mean by “switch”?

Do you also have separate song files for each band? eg: do you save your band A songs in the band A folder with their racks in “Band A\Racks”. If so, each song should just find the racks that you configured it.

When I load a song for Band B (i.e. not the Racks path set in the options dialogue) then the Linked Racks are marked in error. I have to go and load them again each time.

Hrm… that shouldn’t happen unless you’re manually moving files around externally to Cantabile.

Just did some quick tests here and it’s working correctly as best I can tell.

Maybe I just need to re-load, then re-save. I’ll give it a try…