Possible to build a Nord killer?


Thanks for posting - I enjoyed watching the CNC milling!


And here is another one:


for the love of god, don’t get a Precision 7510 (and siblings).

i shelled out big dollar on a xeon with mighty fine specs.
it runs intelburn benchmarks fabulously but has latency issues that make realtime audio a flop.
i’ve tried everything apart from raising it with dell support.
by contrast i’ve got a dell e6430 i7 3rd gen that’s awesome and cost £200 (but runs a bit hot).


Thanks for heads up on Precision 7510. I’ve only seen a few Precision laptops on the refurbished website. I have bought some Xeon based Precision towers from them though. I notice this laptop only has USB 3 ports. We’ve had a lot of issues with USB 3, I wonder if that’s what the issue was?


cheers for the suggestion.
latency mon shows usb very busy with short dpcs, but that’s quite normal for the audio interface.
i think it’s a mix of gfx and acpi. dx has a much higher load than on other systems i have and the acpi causes repeated spikes every 10 - 30 seconds.
i’ve disabled as much of the acpi as possible (a battery device) which i think helped. but that leads to having no warning as the system runs out of juice (i posted about a problem that such a termination caused).


I mostly avoid laptops that have gfx subsystems (as opposed to intel motherboard based)


And here it is:

There is still a LOT of work to do. But it’s a great sneak peek! :slight_smile:


Impressive! And designed and created in such a short time!



Just made some end of year purchases for clients:
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I just can’t create a decent rock piano on Pianoteq. Any hints where to start?


They have a C7 model, right? I’d take that, reduce the dynamic range, hit it with a bright eq and if they have a hard hammer parameter, hard it up. So to speak. Or the upright; seems like they had an upright model that was pretty good.


I have the YC5 model and I get a good rock sound out of it. Fred’s suggestions are all good. I Also suggest playing with Pianoteq’s velocity curve. I tweak it to make the key action more sensitive. You can also mess with Cantabile’s velocity curve (I do that a lot for electric piano sounds).

For rock, I also like their CP80, which is free add on from their webpage.

  • Paul


Thx guys for the tips. Maybe we can share some Pianoteq presets here?
I’ll add my rock piano version.

To get back on topic, this is how i see to make a decent Nord:

  • A good analog synth, like diva, or even synth1 that emulates Nord
  • Good pianos like Pianoteq, as discussed
  • A good organ emulation (I’m still not sure which one, I’m not convinced with gsi vb3)
  • A good rompler, for brass and strings etc. I use Xpand2! It’s not perfect but lightweight and overall covering. Any suggestions here?
  • Most important a midi keyboard with lots of dials, sliders and knobs and aftertouch, i use Samson 49, it’s cheap and cheap built and not enough keys but allot of controllers and aftertouch. Suggestions?

I just think manufactors like Nord or Roland etc add some finishing effects to boost the signal even more. No matter what i try, my nord still goes deeper in sounds, more dynamics etc.
I now added some tube sim to the master rack and that seems to add more punch. What do you guys think?


VB3 through the IK Mutilmedia Leslie sounds pretty awesome.

Any UH-E synth will cover the analog side, but Zebra is probably the closest as it is semi modular, or try ACE which also sounds great.

So you just need a good piano - which is very subjective. My current preferences are either Pianoteq or my Kronos and it’s SGX-2 Engine depending on need.


I agree with Paul that the most important parameter to addapt in Pianoteq is the velocity curve! Just make sure you reach velocity 127 and a confortable velocity for your softer parts.



I’ll try to recreate the Joshua Kadison piano in Jessy. That’s a great sound.


Alrighty I managed to get some sweet rock piano’s out of it, The Way it is and Jessie. Use a comp and lot’s of hi EQ


I’d love to get some of this wisdom on how to tweak Pianoteq. I’m trying these suggestions, but I’m still a blind monkey fumbling with a typewriter. I have the YC5, which I am having some success with, and the upright, which I deeply regret buying. I hoped it would serve on a few country/honky-tonk tunes, but yikes.

I found the velocity curve recommendations on Pianoteq’s forums for my PC88, so I got that going for me, but I’m pretty weak on the effects chain management. So I need to: use the recommended velocity curve, dial on the high EQ, put a compressor on it, and???


These are my settings for the Joshua Kadison YC5 Piano.
If you want I can send you the patch also