Possible to build a Nord killer?


Thanks for posting - I enjoyed watching the CNC milling!


And here is another one:


for the love of god, don’t get a Precision 7510 (and siblings).

i shelled out big dollar on a xeon with mighty fine specs.
it runs intelburn benchmarks fabulously but has latency issues that make realtime audio a flop.
i’ve tried everything apart from raising it with dell support.
by contrast i’ve got a dell e6430 i7 3rd gen that’s awesome and cost £200 (but runs a bit hot).


Thanks for heads up on Precision 7510. I’ve only seen a few Precision laptops on the refurbished website. I have bought some Xeon based Precision towers from them though. I notice this laptop only has USB 3 ports. We’ve had a lot of issues with USB 3, I wonder if that’s what the issue was?


cheers for the suggestion.
latency mon shows usb very busy with short dpcs, but that’s quite normal for the audio interface.
i think it’s a mix of gfx and acpi. dx has a much higher load than on other systems i have and the acpi causes repeated spikes every 10 - 30 seconds.
i’ve disabled as much of the acpi as possible (a battery device) which i think helped. but that leads to having no warning as the system runs out of juice (i posted about a problem that such a termination caused).


I mostly avoid laptops that have gfx subsystems (as opposed to intel motherboard based)


And here it is:

There is still a LOT of work to do. But it’s a great sneak peek! :slight_smile:


Impressive! And designed and created in such a short time!



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