Possible to build a Nord killer?


And the Hornsby Piano (Grand Bleuthner)


I’m not sure if these are the definitive patch but I’m still tweaking :wink:


Awesome— thanks so much! So do you use any external effects with this, or handle it all within Pianoteq?


All in Pianoteq.

I added the tube driver free plugin to the masterrack and I must say it’s a noticable improvement in a live situation <3 some light saturation just brings out magic…


If you have Softube plugs, try the Trident A-Range eq too- it seems to be magic sauce for guitars and pianos, at least to me :smiley: Great for getting the upper midrange cutting through.


Fantom…there is only one thing missing from your build…my shipping address :rofl: Very nice work. Super clean build


The Nord is a GREAT midi controller for those VST’s you named. I midi mapped the Nord’s draw bars to the VB3 and can control 9 vst’s from the Nord as 1 big layer…works amazingly well…


That’s interesting! How you do this? I thought only the dedicated controller section worked.
I’m on Nord stage 2


On the Nord 5d most of the knobs transmit a midi cc signal. Didnt realize thats the reason for the 2 volume knobs at the top…one controlls the main volume of the Internal sounds of the Nord, the other can control your software…not sure about which knobs/sliders will work on yours but you can find the midi implementation chart in the back of your Nord manual…