Possible little bug in Media Player insert?

I want to ask others to try this to see if it just me (or my system) or C3 -

Okay, so I open a song with an existing Media Player inserted together wtih the saved audio file, if I delete the audio file to replace it with another, the MP will not load the new file. I have to actually delete the MP itself, re-insert it and THEN it allows the new file to be loaded and played.

So yeah, if anyone can confirm this behaviour please? It’s not a biggie as it’s easy to delete/re-insert a MP, but there may be times when there are several other things linked to that instance of MP, so it might be a bigger issue on occasion.


Are you saying that the media player will not allow you to delete an item from its playlist editor if the item has already had its actual file deleted?


nope. Audio file is loaded into the medial player via the add button, no probs. all plays fine. however if I delete the audio file from the inserted media player, and try to load another in it’s place, the media player will not load it. Sorry but I thought that was pretty clear in the OP haha!

Hi Dennis,

I just tried this and the only problem I could see is that after editing the playlist, deleting the old entry and loading the new entry I needed to re-select the file in the preset selector as it reset to None.

Is that what you’re seeing or something else? If not, perhaps post some screen shots.


Hi Brad,

No not using a playlist, still doing final song setups and tweaking (using C2 still for live work - until C3 full setup and acclimatised).

The view you show there is exactly what I get after “selecting and loading” a replacement media file. Steps are :
I delete the existing media file, double click on the Media Player 1 and choose a replacement.

Instead of the name of the new file showing all I get is the - shown in your pic. However if I delete the instance of the MP, and then re-insert it, all works as it should. Hence I was thinking there may be a glitch somehow in MP not “releasing” the previous file, even though the title section is blank (or rather shows the - ) which shows the old file removed, even though it may not be???

As I wrote m8, it’s no big deal…pretty easy to simply delete the existing MP, instead of just the media file loaded. But I thought I would raise it just in case it is not intended behaviour for the software :relaxed: