Possible Bug: Tempo automatically saved


Not sure I i got something wrong, but I have the following behaviour:

When I chage the tempo of my song manually with the slider and the change to the next song, I am asked if i want to save the changes (only changed tempo) - that is the behaviour that i would expect.
When i change the tempo with the TapTempo function, I am not asked to save the song, but the song is automatically saved. When i switch back to that particular song, the tempo is changed from the original tempo to the tapped tempo.
Normally, I want to save songs with the correct tempo. When playing live, i tap tempo several times to be in sync, but i don’t want the song to be saved with that tempo, especially not automatically :wink:

Greetings, Tom

I think you need to disable the Save Song options which are in Options/General/Save and Load.

Yes, I thought about that too. When I play live, I disable all saving and especially prompting for it.
What I wonder about is the different behaviour for saving when changing tempo; First method: Cantabile asks for saving, second method: cantabile automatically saves the change. The save song options are still the same for both methods, but you have different behaviour.

Greetings, Tom

Yes, I would have expected the two methods to be consistent in their save behaviour.