Possible bug - Banked Patch Change Binding Not Translating Correctly

I have been experimenting with sending patch changes from my Kawai K5000s out to Spectral, which is also a banked format but a different one that switches the bank to controller 32 (LSB) instead.

I have the binding set up to receive the specific banked input from the Kawai K5000s - 12800.x where x is the program number, and 12800 comes from MSB=100 and LSB=0.

That is sent to Spectral which desires an MSB of 0 instead and an LSB of 0-63 as the bank number. (I have several banks.) So, that boils down to 0-63.x where x is the program number.

Upon sending a patch change from the keyboard, the little indicator light flashes to show the binding received its signal and was triggered, but you see what is actually arriving at Spectral when I send a patch from the keyboard:

Patch 0 from the keyboard:
Controller 0 = 0
Controller 0 = 6 (that’s not a typo - it sends two controller zero’s)
Program = 0

Patch 1 from the keyboard:
Controller 0 = 0
Controller 0 = 4 (why a smaller number for program 1?)
Program = 1

Any idea what is causing this? Is it a bug in the translator?


When I click the test arrow in the binding, it sends the format Spectral wants:
Controller 0 = 0
Controller 32 = Bank#
Program number = X

Here are two examples, and Spectral changes bank and program number correctly:

First binding:

Second binding:

Program 0 binding:
Controller 0 = 0
Controller 32 = 13
Program 0

Program 1 binding:
Controller 0 = 0
Controller 32 = 9
Program 1

The problem occurs when I actually use the keyboard to send the patch change. It sets both controllers as zero, and I don’t know where it is getting those bank numbers from!

First send Patch 0:

Second send Patch 1:



BTW - the only input to Spectral (or to anything for that matter) during my tests was coming from the binding. No other inputs are enabled.


@brad I re-wrote this first post entirely, as reading it over I realized I did not understand what I was trying to say AT ALL!!!

I hope it is easy to fix… not a priority!


Hi Terry,

You’re right, there’s something odd going on there. I’ll look into it today.


Found it - will be fixed in next build (hopefully later today).


Awesome, as per usual! :slight_smile: