Popup Problem With Chameleon in Front

When I use a second Layer from my Tablett controll it happens that a cantabile Popup is behind my visible area.

Is it able to Lock the Popup Position to a user specific Windows Position?
…maybe that cantabile is remaining the last position from the PopupWindow?

…or is there a way to give it a focus priority so that it is always on top of the visible Screen Layer?

In this Case it is the New State Popup that everytime is exactly in the middle of the Screen and it would be great if I could Fix the position on the left side

That’s a common problem when using apps that set themselves as always on top - they get in the way of normal windows. I don’t think it’s Cantabile’s responsibility to deal with this - it would require special handling in just about every window.

Hi Brad,
thanks for your answer. I will see if I can find another solution for this special situation.



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