Popup for States

I’ve normally been using the Grid List and Control Bar for managing my song/preset and states.

I needed to try out using an external min controller to push buttons for Program Changes and adjusting volumes, etc. I love the feedback you get with the brief popup windows for the song selection which over whatever window is on top. It give meconfidence that it’s activated.

Is there a way to get song states and background states to also popup?

Thanks again to all you power users

I think this feature is only available for delayed bindings. Not sure why. I’d love to see that option too on instant state changes.

Thanks. That does the trick i.e. changed to delayed binding.

I want to revisit this concept of popup for song states.

I am using SongBook for lyrics and chords. It can output a midi program change for as song which I use to trigger the song in Cantabile. I have a Surface Pro with Songbook on top screen, Cantabile in the background. I use the delayed binding to see the popup to confirm the change.

For song state changes I have an FBV MKII 4 button pedal. I was previously just pushing the pedal and assuming it worked and pressing again if it wasn’t changed. I decided to trying using the delay binding for the state to see the popup. It works great except for the delay in the change, which in a live song can be critical.

I see in old threads Brad hasn’t considered the need for popup with instant. Does anyone have any suggestions, or can Brad comment on this issue.

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Not sure if this can help, but I built a little tool that will receive MIDI commands and pop up an Alert message for some time - fittingly called “MidiAlert”. So I have a binding in my background rack that sends a sysex message to this tool (via a virtual MIDI port) to pop up a little window informing me of the current loaded song and song state.

I have also wrapped this into LivePrompter, so if you are looking at alternatives to SongBook, LivePrompter will work with your ChordPro files and now has MidiAlert built in. Haven’t gotten around to documenting that change yet, though :wink:

Note: the thread linked above has outdated download links - can’t edit it anymore. So here’s the link to the current installer for MidiAlert 2.



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I will certainly take a closer look at your MidiAlert tool. Thx

I did install and test out your LivePrompter. Not as finger friendly as the Windows Tablet version of Songbook. But a nice alternative.

Cool, looking forward to try this - I use both tools, so will be nice to have a slightly simpler setup with everything in one tool. When will it be available for public exploitation :-)?

Not sure - will need to find some time to document and make ready for distribution. Running nicely on my stage machine, so probably ready for live action :wink:

Will keep you posted!



Let me know if I can help in any way with documentation or testing. I’m not playing live until June, so plenty of time and no risk of messing up my setup :-).

Hey @TorstenH,

Look here:

Have fun with it :wink:




Yay, that was fast. Looking forward to a simpler setup, so really great idea to combine these two. Thanks !!!

I noticed that it still says build 1.023 on the download page, if you care about that kind of cosmetic details.

Well spotted, thanx! Fixed now.

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Hey folks, anyone who downloaded the new LivePrompter version and had issues configuring the pop-up window: sorry, I edited the wrong manual, so you had the wrong configuration entry names in the manual that installed with build 1.01. Please re-download (or just download the updated manual) - the section on MidiAlert should be updated with the correct entry names now.

Thanx to @TorstenH for the heads-up!