Plugin window popups when program selected

I’ve assigned different MIDI channels to various pads on an Akai MPK to select different synth plugins using MIDI filtering. What I would like to know is it possible to have the synth’s window popup when its pad is pressed and then disappear to be replaced when another one is selected?

Hi auphil,

This type of arrangement is easy using bindings like the example below that does the GUI management of 3 VSTs using CC messages from buttons on the keyboard. The source could also be notes from your MPK. The order of the bindings is critical to it working. Anyway it should give the idea. :slight_smile:


OK Thanks. Didnt realise Show GUI Editor is also display popup. Successful in binding this to MPK pads but not quite what I was hoping for as I would like the GUI window to popup when its particular program is selected on the MPK which involves pressing the prog select switch simultaneously with a pad. there is no MIDI data sent when this is done so I guess it cant really be done this way.