Plugin view at synthogy


I´ve installed synthogy`s three great pianos. But the “plugin view” is only a small window . Is there any option to enlarge the “plug in view” to the complete screen? Otherwise it is so difficult to apply the small knobs etc.

Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the forum Bernhard!

I don’t own Synthogy, but I do know from experience, the plugin may have a setting for screen sizing. It would be best to check your manual or settings within the plugin for a resize option. Some plugs don’t offer GUI sizing, so the eye strain makes it difficult at best.



Hi Corky,

thank you very much for welcome.

Your reply helps me further as my thought was, that resize option should be possible in general. Obviously, Ivorys software doesnt offer this option, as there is no Information neither in manual nor settings. Now, I will stop further Investigation and accept as it is. Thanks!

Best regard Bernhard

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