Plugin needs transport playback to parse audio

Hi there,

does anyone know why some plugins require the transport playback to run in Cantabile? A few of my plugins (example: ERA Voice Leveler) do not apply any effects to the input until I press the playback button.

I assigned a hotkey for starting the playback. Not very convenient but a reasonable workaround for the moment. Could this be automated by adding a start parameter or something to the Cantabile configuration? Or is there a way to bypass this issue at all?

Appreciate your help!

As a hobbyist plugin developer … I can think of a reason: a developer might think that as long as the transport is not running, you do not want any effects to happen. So they bypass the processBlock() function when transport is not running. It depends on the mindset of the developer as to what use case the plugin will be used in. Different developers == different use cases.

FYI In the plugins I develop I do the opposite: I allow the plugin to run if the transport is not - my plugins can even use different signatures and bpm setting than the transport. Be it that my plugins are not sound effect but MIDI generators. Examples here.