Plugin "insert"


is there a way to “insert” a plugin into an output path?
For example - I insert a piano plugin and the piano output goes directly to a “stereo out”.
It would be really convenient to be able to click on this output route and insert an EQ or another plugin in between rather than adding the EQ and reroute everything manually.



Good point. This makes sense in my workflow too. So +1 from me. :slight_smile:



Best way to achieve this, as far as I know, is to create an “output rack” with the plugins you require to be on the output path, and route your other plugins and racks through this output rack.


Yes. But this has some heavy disadvantages… I think an option in the context menu when right clicking either the plugin or the output route which allows to add a plug-in in between would help and might not be a heavy change for Brad. Of course there are workarounds for a lot of things. But they are still workarounds :blush:



What do you see as the “heavy disadvantages”? the only one I can see is that you’d need to do it for all songs. In that use case I can see an advantage for an output rack, like the background rack.


I have not only an output rack, but also a reverbs rack that I embed into my output rack! Both are state-controlled and add tremendous flexibility to my setup.

There are a ton of racks you can plaigarize from and tweak for your own use at the Community Shared Racks Exchange, including my reverbs rack.



+1 here to add inserts in the stereo out without having to do any workaround!



I think we have two different discussions here - the benefits of an “output rack” with all its implications vs. a simple workflow question on an easier way to insert a plugin into an existing signal path. I think the OP’s question was about the latter.

I personally would love to have the option to right-click on a route and select “insert plugin…” from a pop-up menu. This would then

  • Insert a new plugin (selected in the usual dialog) in the song/rack (ideally right behind the plugin/rack the route originates from)
  • connect the selected route to the plugin instead of its original target
  • connect the default output of the plugin to the route’s original target

– all done!

Certainly a nice time-saver workflow-wise!




Thanks for the sum up! This is exactly what I think too!


Exactly my point. I see it as a quite essential feature.

Often I have to make adjustments on the fly in the middle of a rehearsal, on a keyboard bench and with a less-than-optimal ergonomic laptop position rather than an comfortable office situation and plenty of time available.

In this case every second counts as both my back and my band members (and rehearsal length) depend on it…