Plugin GUI windows goes behind main window

When I switch between states and suspend/unsuspend different plugins, then sometimes the GUI suddenly appears behind the main Cantabile window instead of in front (where it used to be). On the latest 4059 build.

I use LivePrompter and have the LivePrompter window on the left half of the screen, and Cantabile on the right, with the plugin GUIs being displayed so I can see settings (e.g. drawbars on the hammond plugin). With the new version, if LivePrompter window has the focus, then the GUIs disappear behind the main Cantabile window. If I change focus to Cantabile, then the GUI pops out in front. And it is not docked nor detached, just plain old style.

@brad is this something that is only happening for me? I am considering downgrading to the version before the docking feature was introduced, to get back to being able to see the plugins (I need it to see e.g. the drawbar settings on the Hammond).

Don’t know if this is related but I’ve been using B-3X a lot. Today I dragged its GUI down out of the way so it’s top bar would be at the level of the taskbar on a second monitor and it disappeared. Not something I want Brad spending time on, maybe my mouse had a little momentum and sent it down off the screen. I had to View > Close All Popup Windows first to get the GUI to reappear.

I’ve not had any other reports of this so I’m not sure. Can you send me a video showing the issue?


Yes, I’ve send an email with an image and a link to download the video. Thanks.