Plugin Boutique - Lounge Lizard 4 for $60

First you buy the Lounge Lizard Session (just Rhodes) version for $9

Then upgrade for that to full Lounge Lizard for $50:


Hey Doug,

I had heard good things on the site about this one and have discovered the Session model is great for my live work on some of the songs we do! Can’t beat the price for the instrument you get that is for sure.

Thanks for the heads up.


Hi Dave,

Glad to help - so far the Lounge Lizard Rhodes are the best I’ve played but what do I know, I’m a bass player :smile:

So- basically you get the Rhodes for $10 and the Wurli for $50 more? I wish it was the other way around :smiley:

There’s one “patch” in the Session version called “Nearly Wurli”

Well nearly doesn’t really cut it though, does it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thanks Doug, I’ve been meaning to get Lounge Lizard, so thanks for the heads-up. Sounds great!!!