Plugin Alliance VST3 plugins not showing their presets in Cantabile?

Hi all

I am a happy subscriber to the Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle with all these wonderful VST’s

The VST2 versions all show their presets when using the “Use Plugin’s Programs” as a Preset Model

However, the VST3 versions do not show their presets, but only the default state of the plugin when starting

Anybody else has this? For now, I can happily work with the VST2 versions - where I often start from a preset to develop my own - but if @brad can have a look at some point at the VST3 issue I’d be a happy camper…

VST3 presets from other brands I work with show up ok in Cantabile

The way presets are handled in VST 3 spec are a bit of a mess with various options for plugins. Some plugins only expose standard banks via VST2 and nothing via VST 3.

Some VST 3 plugins provide their standard banks as a set of .vstpreset files so perhaps look for that.

I think there is a standard place plugins can put these presets and the host is supposed to pick up on it automatically - but Cantabile doesn’t do this (cause I’m lazy).

Perhaps pick a plugin where this issue happens, try it in another Cubase and see how it works there and if different in Cantabile send me the details and I’ll check it out.


Hi Brad

An example is here: Brainworx Masterdesk:

VST2 version - all ok - shows:

VST3 version shows only an empty 1st preset, whichever preset model option is selected:

Same VST3 in Reaper shows this (and thus finds the presets ok):

Other Plugin Alliance VST3s show the same behaviour

Thanks in advance for looking into the matter