Plug-In Help to get the sounds to come through the speakers on my laptop

Hey, i just downloaded the Cantabile software and i downloaded the Upright piano as my plug in. My setting are set to where the sound should be coming out of my computer but it is not.

I know it cant be an issue with my computer because when i turn on the metronome sound is coning through my computer speakers. Does anyone know why the piano sound is not coming through and are there any solutions to fix it? Thanks so much.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

First, you need to install a low latency driver. ASIO4ALL is a good choice. Most of time you have no settings to fiddle with. Just install, reboot and check the out of asio4all is the speaker of your pc (usually detected as WASAPI).

Second, open Cantabile settings and set the audio engine output to asio4all.

Thank you so much!!

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