Plogue Bidule hosted by Cantabile

Does anyone here have any experience with using Bidule setups as plugins within Cantabile?

When I try to do this, the only audio/MIDI devices visible within Bidule are my actual hardware ports - the connections to/from Cantabile routes going in/out of Bidule don’t seem to be accessible.


Did you play around with this any further, Neil?

I’ve been tempted to buy Plogue Bidule for fun and giggles. (Likely it is due to my wire-wizard genes…)


I did experiment a little more, but didn’t get much further, and had to move onto more important things. The best I could do was to use loopMIDI to connect Cantabile to an instance of Bidule running stand-alone. It worked, but felt clunky. It would be excellent to be able to have Bidule hosted within Cantabile, appearing in racks for more esoteric processing!


PS: If you like Bidule, you might also like Audulus…


Just downloaded the demo of Audulus. Thanks for the tip off! Never heard of that before. Looks nice!


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I found it crashed quite a lot - hopefully they’ll get it more stable soon, because it’s a very interesting piece of software!

Crashed alot, eh? Boo!! I’ll try it on super-powered Music Machine here - if that doesn’t tame it, nothing will.