Please help with: MOXF - SysEx - Song Mode - Song-/Program-Change

Dear C3- (and MOXF-) Users,

in my current setup I want to use C3 just for changing Songs in my MOXF. On SongLoad the Mode should change from any other mode (Voice, Performance, Master, …) to Song Mode.
I achieved that by throwing a SysEx command (x"F0 43 10 7F 1C 00 0A 00 01 03 F7"). So far, so good.
I got the following issues:

  • Once in SongMode and using the same SysEx command again, the MOXF changes to VoiceMode - why that??
  • I know how to change the programm number by using the ProgramChange command, but how can I change the song number, being in the SongMode?
    Hoping for your helpful advice

Hi @CologneKeys,

Really this is more a question for MOXF than Cantabile and really comes down to understanding it’s MIDI implementation. Personally I don’t know much about that device - hopefully someone else here will :slight_smile:


Hi Brad,
thank you for your message. You’re right and for that reason I adressed MOXF-Users, too - I know there are a few :slight_smile: - Furthermore the MOXF is closely related to the Yamaha MOTIF.
Best regards from Cologne

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