Playing back recordings having more than one channel via Media Player

I have a few recordings that I made having more than one track in them. (A stereo out and a microphone, or a couple analog synths were selected to be included in the recording, looking to bring it into a DAW later on.)

Can these be played back mixed down somehow via the Media Player? The synth stereo out was captured on the second two channels in one, as the microphone was recorded into the first two tracks.


Why not just run multiple media players Terry?

Oh, it is a single file that happens to have 4 tracks in it. I’m wondering how to get to track 3+4 primarily.

I had more outputs checked than I should have in the Recorder section, so it recorded a multi-track file. That is fine if I am wanting to capture multiple tracks and not just a final mixdown, but in this case it was a mistake, and the empty microphone tracks took up tracks 1+2 (normal stereo tracks - those are all the media player is playing back, though it does show the other two tracks’ activity in the meters).

No crisis - I imported the 4 tracks into my DAW, deleted the extra two tracks 1+2, and re-exported it as normal stereo. I was just wondering if there actually WAS a way to play back these multi-track recordings using the media player.


Cantabile will handle this but you need to setup the media player.

  1. Right click on the media player, choose Audio Ports

  2. Either add some additional channels to the Stereo Out port, or create another port with the additional channels. eg:

  3. Double click the media player

  4. Double click the media file (the 4 channel audio file)

  5. Create some additional assignments:

Make sense?

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Perfect sense, thank you! I’ll give it a run tonight! :grin: