Playing back recorded MIDI controllers into bindings

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I didn’t even think to try this until Brad asked us to send him some encoder knob tests for the upcoming Jump-Prevention feature!

I have a knob on my keyboard that goes to a Sonalksis FreeG fader’s trim control. The knob sends CC#83.

I recorded that knob’s action for Brad, and then dropped it in the media player, then highlighted MIDI-Out and viewed the MIDI Monitor to see if it turned the knob or not. So far so good!

But then I saw the media player playback did NOT actually turn the trim knob. Well, of course not! Here’s how to set it up to do so.

First, have the media player send output to a rack. I have it going to the “Processing” rack where the FreeG control is being used.

Then, inside that rack, I add a route, Rack MIDI In going to a Rack MIDI Out.

Finally, now this Midi In will appear in the bindings’ sources list for that rack. I simply replicate the same settings, but now for Rack:MIDI In as the source.

Now playback of my MIDI recording I made for Brad moves the Trim knob of the FreeG in that rack.

Excellent! So happy - have a billion uses for this!



That is crazy! I am going to have to try that!

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Superb!! I just set up an experiment where I recorded the controller data for a volume fade-out, which I can trigger using a footswitch. So I can do a nice controlled fade, at exactly the right rate, with just a single footswitch press. I like it!!

There’s a part in one of my band’s songs where I need to be doing a volume fade in then out lasting about 3 seconds on my expression pedal, whilst playing a fairly complex keyboard part involving sustain pedal. It’s always difficult to get the volume fade in/out smooth and at the right time. Being able to just hit a footswitch to do it will make it effortless and perfect every time :smile:

I may start building up a small collection of controller automation MIDI sequences for general re-use now. This forum is so great for sharing ideas!!!


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