Playing another, slightly delayed note after playing 1


I feel like this is going to be hard to describe…

I’ve got a harp plugin (Angelic Harp) that plays glisses when you play 2 keys. It plays upwards when you play the top one last and downwards if you play the bottom one last.
What I’d like to do, is play one note physically and trigger the other a millisecond later so I can control the direction of the gliss. I can set up the routes or a binding to play the second note when I play the first but there’s no way (I can work out) to make the second note delayed. Quite a lot of the binding sources and destinations have a delay parameter but not the notes ones…

Anyone have any thoughts on how this may be achievable? (assuming you can understand my waffle?)

Cheers as always,



Hi Pierce,

Have you tried Triggers? They have the delay feature all the time. You should be able to make that work. It requires at least 3 bindings, 1 to accept the trigger and 1 to let the trigger act as a source for use with a variety of targets. This example shows the A note being the trigger note with the Ab note sounding automatically 3 seconds later. You could of course set the timing and notes to you needs but this approach is one way to do what you say.




Piz has a couple of midi delay plugins.
They should do the trick:


Hi guys, thanks as always for the replies!

@dave_dore, you’re a genius, I’ve never used triggers before, it worked like a charm! (apart from some weirdness from the Angelic harp library!)

Love this forum, and this program!