Play media player from keyboard key


Would it be possible to start the media player like a sampler, from the key bed?


Yes, just add a binding from a note to the Media Player’s ‘play’ function.


ok gotta try that, seems a bit stupid to add a sampler to it to have it running =)


I am actually using this function to “cheat” a bit. What do in some songs that have complicated right-hand solo’s and at the same time require complated left-hand chords or harmonies is record the chords in midi, load the chord in the mediaplayer and then trigger them using the key bed. Works perfectly.


Load the chords? as in a sample, right?
Or midi?


Load the chords? as in a sample, right?
Or midi?

No, as midi, in fact. Each chord is assigned to a separate track/channel in the midi file. Then I add as many mediaplayers (all with the same file midi file loaded but filtered by midi channel; there may be a more efficient way of doing this but it works for me as long as I don’t need more tan 16 different chords) and fire them using the key bed keys assigned to each mediaplayer using bindings

Works perfectly and instantly for me, no lag.


Is this a function as this program does?


Look interesting but does this plugin predict the chords or can you have it assign all kinds of different unexpected chords for each individual key on your keybed, which is what I need in my case?


For chord-per-key I prefer pizmidi’s MIDIChords. You can assign any chord of any number of notes to any key. The Chordz plug above I found to be oddly restrictive.



I will ceertainly download that one and take a look. What I like about my way of using the mediiaplayer, however, is that the midi files I am playing can include any kind of midi information, like modulation and velocity for individual notes within a chord.