Play a recording by double click

Hi there. I’m new to Cantabile Solo and just trying all the features I need. Great application.
My question: when I do a number of recordings and want to listen to one of them quickly, I don’t find a quick way except displaying the files in Windows explorer or add it to a playlist in Cantabile’s media player.
Is there any reason why it’s not possible to just double click a recording in order to play it? Or am I overlooking something?

Thanks Uli

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See if this helps:

You can also setup the boxes at the bottom of the screen to do many things. I haven’t used solo in many years, so I am not aware of the limitations.



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Hi Corky,

thanks for your input.
Shortcuts don’t help with that. What I am missing is a quick playback of recordings from the list below the record-button. I expected a double click to work (maybe just with the default media player).
The boxes at the bottom are available only in the Performer edition btw.

Cheers Uli

Hi Uli and Welcome!

The recordings list does not feature an audition function. You can either use the windows media player from a file browser (as you already have) or install a media player in your song. Then right click on the recording in the recordings pane and select “Add to Media Player ## playlist”. As shown you can add multiple recordings to the playlist if you wish.




It would be cool if there were a ‘background media player’ to handle the selected file in the recordings panel. MIDI too.

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Thanks, Dave.

May I suggest that as a new feature? If you have a list of records and quickly want to decide which one you are going to use (or delete), it would be a great time saver.

Hopefully others will second that.
Cheers Uli

It would be cool to have it so it gets a vote from me. I will leave a shout out so @brad knows about the request.