Pitch Bend binding bug

Just played around with bindings again - trying to use bindings to route my pitch bend through to a specific rack by creating a binding from “Main Keyboard; Pitch Bend” to “Solo Synth Rack - Midi In; Pitch Bend”

So far so good - but the value mapping gets in the way: my keyboards send PB values from 0 to 16383, but Cantabile’s binding allows only values from -8192 to 8191. Consequently, all pitch bend commands get corrupted; I can never reach full bend up.

@brad: this needs to be fixed - output and input range for PB need to accept 0 to 16384.



Hey @Torsten

Hoping to do a build tonight - I’ll get it fixed for then.



Fix available now in 3231.

This wasn’t actually a range issue. Cantabile uses 0-16383 internally for all pitch bend values but displays them as -8192 -> 8191 in the bindings. The problem here was in the bindings - it was dropping the top bit of the pitch bend value when generating the target MIDI data.

ie: create your binding ranges using -8192 -> 8191 and you should get the expected value at the other end.


Great - everything works now. Thanx, @brad!

This is one of the reasons why Cantabile can’t be beat - incredible support and responsiveness! Haven’t had an experience like this anywhere else - it’s great to be part of such a constructive and productive community!

Have a great christmas, @brad and everyone here on the forum!




Amen. The feature he added to be able to create a binding to a specific plugin preset was suggested by me, EARLIER THIS WEEK. Amazing support.