Pigments by Arturia

Ever since @Corky made, yet another, excellent vst suggestion (on top of Blue 3 and IKmultimedia Leslie Collection) I have been enjoying Arturia’s V6 collection.

I decided to spring for Pigments, as I figured Arturia would have a user friendly interface compared to the millions of VST Wavetable/Subtractive synths out there.

Pigments has the most logical arrangement of programming parameters I have ever seen. It is intuitive to the extent that I don’t have to keep mental notes of what I am changing in case I don’t like the sound. Many times I have created a patch, only to hear it the next day and hate it. Also, as a fan of funk, I have always been on the search for a Monte Moir’s quality of analog patches that characterize Morris Day and the Time.

Unfortunately, there is a serious flaw in this VST. The “engines” cannot be panned independently. As any analog funk synth programmer knows, detune and pan is a (old school) standard for rich sounds.

Arturia responded generously, stating that they are considering the feature request, but suggested unison for such (which is characteristic of techno but not funk if I am not mistaken).

If Arturia fixes this, I favor it over Massive, Sylenth, Hybrid 3, (no one can beat Serum, it’s just hard to program), Codex, etc (yes, i know Sylenth is not wavetable).

I really hope they fix this.

Anyone else missing the engine pan on Pigments? Or do I need to update my programming habits?

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I have not been impressed with Pigments so far. I guess emulation is easier than creation. It is their 1st, so I am giving them time.

Indeed, there needs to be some updates, as there are some problems. I like the GUI arrangement, primarily. I still think that Serum’s sound quality is entirely professional.

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U-he’s Hive now has wavetables. It’s interface is very easy to use, and it’s on sale right now.

  • Paul

So, I have run Pigments through the Serum Fx block, as Serum (Like Blue 3 and the first Leslie in VB3) allows you to only load the Fx. One of the other weaknesses of Pigments is their Fx block. Strangely monoish and not as rich as Serum. However, if you run Pigments through Serum Fx, it sounds great, as long as you disable the Fx in Pigments. Anyway, just thought I would share that.

I don’t have Serum, but I may try some other things in my arsenal on Pigments.