Pianoverse Fazioli F278 thoughts

Sorry for the independent thread, but it is not possible to make more than three consecutive replies in the same thread. The original one is here.

The last, the best? It’s the Fazioli F278.

I made an unfair comparison with two F308s, the Ivory Italian Grand and the VSL F308. It seems there are no other sampled F278s available.

Once again the quality of the samples is excellent, sadly there is a bit of noise (already heard in other Pianoverse instruments).

The quality of the instrument is terrific, great dynamics and a great balance of overall quality across the keyboard.

This piano is better than the Ivory Italian Grand and possibly even the VSL F308.

I consider it the best piano in the collection, waiting to hear the ‘coming soon’ instruments.

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When you say a bit of noise could you be more specific? Just curious & Thanks in advance!

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I’ve finally worked out how to reproduce this problem.
It happens when I hold down the sustain pedal and play repetitive notes.

It’s not Cantabile (no doubt!), the same thing happens in Cubase. And this problem only affects the F278.

Listen to it. You will hear noise at first, followed by a crackling sound (after all the notes have been released).

I reported the problem. We’ll see what happens.


Recording 0004.zip (540.3 KB)

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I reply to myself. Sorry, I forgot to say something important.

For sure, F278 is the best Pianoverse instrument, but it is also the most CPU hog. I get 32 to 42% TL with buffers set to 512.

Yes, 512, I’m not kidding!
Shame on the developers at IK Multimedia.

Yep, definitely some artifacts there! Thanks for showing it in a recording! I have a few complaints about the Steinway as well. Some notes have bad balance with the adjacent notes when struck softly. It can be annoying. I need to report that as well I guess. I’ve had the best luck with the upright, it’s pretty good.

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I love the sound of that piano, I was very close to pull the trigger.

What do you think? Should I buy it now (at 100+VAT = $/€122) or wait and…who knows how much?

I don’t think it’s the samples, but a VST3 glitch. So I hope for a fix.

I’m not sure, usually when I buy from IK like I did with these 2 pianos I go for the early release special. That usually ends up being the discount price when they have sales later on. If it doesn’t move many units they’ll keep the intro price up longer to try to get buyers. If they improve the CPU usage it would be a way better product but as it is I can’t use it live because I use 128 sample buffers so I can play E Guitar on some songs. 256 is needed to play them here. The 512 reports on the Fazioli are alarming!

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Drift mode enabled.
I just checked the system requirements on the Synthogy Ivory 3 page.
8-core 3.4GHz i7 (or AMD equivalent) recommended minimum.

3.4GHz? This will blow away almost any laptop. 3.4GHz is a desktop frequency. And here I thought of IK’s high demands…
Drift mode disabled.

Let’s talk about F278 again. I’ve noticed that on the IK forum almost all posts about Pianoverse have zero replies, or at most one. Not good.
So I don’t expect much help there. Some, like me, have contacted support and are still waiting for a response. I never had any luck with support other than Cantabile.

At least one good news.

This morning I did some work on F278. First I disabled everything, then added a few things one by one. Resonance, some mechanical noise, but no effects like compressor, rev, eq, piano ‘on Mars’, etc.

The quality of the samples still made for a great sound, helped by Fabfilter Pro R², which is very CPU light.
Result, with Buffer=256 I managed to stay around 25-40% TL. I haven’t tried 128 yet. I don’t dare. :roll_eyes:

All this has reduced the artifacts, but don’t ask me why. There’s just some of the noise I mentioned before, but it’s reduced in level and doesn’t bother me much. And no more crackling.

After this fine tuning work, I’m very confident and the trigger is about to be pulled.