Pianoteq presets?

I can’t get a decent Rock piano out of pianoteq.
Are there any users over here willing to share theirs?

You might get more answers on the Pianoteq user forum. I use either the K2 Mix Recording (I find that it fits well in the mix when we play live), or a YC5 preset.

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I couldn’t use the internal presets for live playing. I just made my own and I use the Grotrian in variations for jazz rock stuff and the YC5 for Billy Joel like playing. There is additional processing involved outside Pianoteq but if your velocity settings in Pianoteq are adapted to your playing it might be a starting point.


Yeah, I have a Big Verby solo piano I like, I’ll share it if I think if it! Like to see what y’all think.

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I’ve been using the Bechstein 282 preset lately. A couple of things seem to make pianoteq work for rock. First is how you adjust the velocity curve. I found their calibration tool pretty useless, so I fiddle with it myself and adjust it to my own playing. The second is using external reverb rather than their onboard. I like Valhalla plate and use it as
a send.

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