Pianoteq Plugin Pops Up upon song change?

I have created several songs and several Racks with Pianoteq.

I have a Piano Song that uses a Pianoteq Rack with presets for piano. A Rhodes Song that uses a Similar Pianoteq Rack but with Rhodes Presets.

At first the Pianoteq plugin would only come up when I selected it from the Rack Mode. But now the Pianoteq plugin pops up anytime I switch to a Song using the Rhodes Pianoteq rack, but not the Rack that uses the Piano in Pianoteq.

Very strange behavior. Can any body suggest why this might be happening.

Update: It looks like I may have fixed this behavior. Does it have something to do with the Plugin being left open in the Rack View when the plugin is saved?

Hi John,

Yes it does - the song file remembers which plugins are visible and restores them. It’s also determined by the “Editor Visibility” state behaviour which will cause each state to store/restore the visibility of the plugin’s editor.


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Hi @brad it happens also to me for only one song in a setlist, but the “Editor Visibility” state (inside the rack) is OFF. Where should I check more?

The “Editor Visibility” setting only determines if the setting is controlled by the rack/song, i.e. if it can be changed. So, the question for me is whether you use this rack in different songs, and it behaves differently in these songs? If so, we’ll need more details. But if this is the only song where you use this rack and have this issue, then I think that this is because Cantabile remembers the GUI state, so to fix this you will have to open the song, and then the rack. Then close the visible GUI editor, save the rack (and update the state and save the state, if you use states within the rack), then save the song.


Thanks @TorstenH this is what I did and it fixed the issue.