Pianoteq 8 vst3

Today I wanted to update my Pianoteq 7 instrument rack to Pianoteq 8 and I encountered that the vst3 version of Pianoteq 8 is only shown as a vst 3 effect (not a synth, vst2 version seems OK).
Could this be a problem?

Standalone version works fine.
Cantabile is the latest version of 3 on Win 10; 64 bit.

I see the same, although it does work as expected if you route midi into it

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Thanks for quick info - haven’t tried it yet, just wondering.

I decided to try out Pianoteq. When I use the main menu to select presets, I cannot click any of the submenu items. I can click the main menu items and then use the up/down buttons to browse through them. It works fine in Studio One DAW.

I’ve tried the Cantabile display options, but nothing helps. It’s not a big problem since the preset manager on Pianotech works find. But I wonder if anyone else has this issue and if I should engage Brad.

Sometimes it helps to disable automatic GUI upscaling from the right click menu of the plugin (compatibility settings).

Thx. Tried all the Cantabile GUI settings without success.

Something even stranger with the menu behavior. I was working on my setup on my Surface Pro 7 and found Pianoteq menus worked properly. I made sure the display options on Cantabile matched on my desktop, but it’s still a problem. I hate to bother Brad on this one since there is a workaround, but I think I should.