Piano plugin does not work


I am still a complete newcomer to the world of electric pianos as I have only played acoustic pianos so far. Now I have a little problem at the beginning with the Cantabile 3 software or more precisely with a plugin.
I am currently using the free Piano One which can be found at this link:


In the 32 bit version the plugin works without problems, but in the 64 bit version the plugin is not displayed in Cantabile 3, although I saved it in the correct folder.
Since I use most of the plugins as 64 bit versions in Cantabile 3.0 (x64), it’s a bit difficult for me to switch to the x86 version again and again to use the Piano One plugin.
Does anyone have any idea why the x32 version of the plugin does work but the x64 version doesn’t?

Hope someone can help me, Greetings Jan.

Hi @brat

I just tried Piano1 here and while I couldn’t figure out how to get it to load the .ins file, the plugin did load and seemed to be working correctly.

Are you sure you’re running the x64 edition of Cantabile and that you have the x64 edition of the plugin on your VST path?



thank you for the answer! It seems that I have a problem with the VST plugin which has nothing to do with the Cantabile 3 software. I tested the Piano 1 plugin on another VST host and it didn’t work there either.
Unfortunately I don’t know what the problem is with this plugin. I have downloaded and installed it again, after the installation I see the two .dll files. The x32 version works fine with Cantabile 3.0 (x86), but the x64 version is not recognized by any VST host. I will investigate further what could be the reason for this.
But as I said, thank you for the feedback, Cantabile itselfe is not the cause.

Greetings Jan

ok, not sure. Best bet would be to contact the plugin developer and see if they can provide some help.