Performance Tuning Cantabile 4

Hey Everyone,

As you may know, the main outstanding issue with Cantabile 4 is some performance degradation when compared to v3. I’ve just spent the last week or so profiling and tuning things and while I still have some areas to review I think v4 is now running in the same ballpark as v3.

If you noticed performance issues with v4, then could you please try build 4024 and let me know if it seems better to previous builds.



Thanks @brad, just so you know the link for the 4023 build is giving a 404 error.


Thanks @Dave, build 4023 is a myth - removed the link :slight_smile:

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OK, I ran the first checks on a WASAPI setup and here they are.

SnapShot 4324

SnapShot 4325

I noted that the Running/Loaded Racks numbers are different. There are by my count 33 Racks loaded and running as shown in V4 picture but the V3 shows 49/49 for the same Song file & that possible explains the Time load number. Is there any thing I should look at on that @brad ?


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Ran tests on heavily loaded performance laptop. ASIO

SnapShot 71

SnapShot 72


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Thanks Dave. Obviously this isn’t as close as I hoped but I’ll continue working on it.

As for the rack count mismatch I have no idea. Are you sure theres nothing in your setup causing this.

Hi Brad, in our last rehearsal i played around with cantabile 4. I play in a Marillion Tribute Band and I have some complex rigs. All Instruments worked fine. There was no problem with CPU or latency. The only thing that happened that the usb connection to my oxygen 49 got lost two times in about 3 hours. :slightly_frowning_face:
As Vsts I use native Komplete, the Arturia V Collection, Omnisphere and the Juno 106 Emulation from cherry Audio

Sorry to hear that, but it’s outside of the scope of Cantabile. Anything USB related is down to the driver/hardware. My guess… faulty USB cable. Try switching to another one - you’d be shocked how often USB cables are problematic.