Performance Samples- ever heard of 'em? (PLUS: Freebies!)


Just came across this website! Had never heard of these guys but they have a great sound, very musical, not over perfected and sterilized. Price seems reasonable as well (although buy section by section will add up).

They also have several freebies that sound pretty good in the demos. Looking forward to trying them out. Anyone already use these?


I have heard of them. (I guess I should share more of the things I find on here - just figured I usually find things everyone already knows about.) I think I came across Performance Samples when I was looking up companies listed on Native Instruments as having NKS compatible products.


I generally feel like I know what’s going on in the world of orchestral samples but these really flew under my radar…


I don’t see any links to demos…


Maybe it is my old Cataract and Glaucoma ridden eyes, but their web page is like driving in a total white-out snow storm. It actually hurts to attempt to read anything there. I did download a freebie, but probably won’t get around to it for awhile. I own one of the Spitfire libraries, but rarely use it in recordings. I surely would not use it live, unless I was touring again. So, I feel like…yeah, freebies are good, but dishing out a few hundred dollars for another string library? Nah. It would have to be something way over the top of anything else available. But thanks for the info Fred. It’s nice to know what is available. I try to keep up at the KVR site, but many times don’t get around to it.



Go to the Libraries tab, freebies is on the bottom. I think the solo violin has a lot of potential, even though it’s going to be limited in articulations. And the demo for the harp sounds lovely. Their brass sounds fantastic on the demo but I don’t do things with orchestral brass so I can’t justify buying such a thing.

My problem with almost all orchestra samples is the over-perfection. They sound auto-tuned, the intonations are perfect, it just all sounds like a keyboard. LASS is one of the few that doesn’t sound so bad to me, but good lord, right now they’re 65% off and it’s still huge $$.


The Heavyocity stuff sounds good too, but they are as expensive as Spitfire, and me not being in the film industry or composing orchestral scores, I find it needless to use my limited income on these libraries I would rarely use. My performance gear is wearing out, and I am constantly replacing cabling, cases, etc. I have found myself buying less software now, because the market is saturated with re-makes of other software. The saturation is not always a bad thing. It was only 3 yrs ago we were complaining there was no real progress concerning virtual Hammonds…now look what we have. :sunglasses: I think I’ll be waiting in the wings for the next big thing to prove itself and something I just can’t live without…and freebies :wink:


Well, tried 'em… The legato violin has potential but all these are (understandably) so limited you couldn’t really do anything with them. I was wondering about the harp- turns out you download about 2Gb of samples for 6 arpeggio patches. No actual single note playable patch. The fx patches are pretty though. If these guys ever pull a serious sale I might have a look. I kind of like to play a little with the real patches first, though.