Percussions quesiton

Hello. I am new using cantabile. I was wondering if there is a way to automate some percussions as I play. I don’t want anything big, but maybe a gong every 4 measures or something like that without me having to use a pad for that to not distract me from playing. Is it possible?

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Cantabile has a metronome built in. Is that what you are looking for?
Or are you looking to play with drum loops?
Cheers - David

Similar to drum loops. But I want to trigger a specific note every 4 measures (for a gong). Kind of having a sequence in the back.

If you have C3 Solo or Performer, then there is a media player built-in that will allow you pay MIDI files or audio files. It will depend on you having the appropriate file to play the ‘gong’.

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Is there a way to create a midi track in cantabile? Or do I have to create it on my DAW and then import it to Cantabile?

Both Solo and Performer have the ‘Recording’ functionality built-in.