Per-song settings fail

I am so tired… I spent he whole week trying new songs with a new linked rack but somethig is wrong, and I have not found the fix…
Before last week:
I always work per-song basis, I no use states. I have a song list with all its songs sharing a linked rack. I make settings for each song (bindings, presets, midi connections, etc). All those settings was saved in each song. I switch tho another song, inmediately all settings changes as saved before.

But now, the new setting that I do (example, select a preset in a VSTi), is applied to all songs (I am not want this…). No matter what I check or uncheck at the Behavior panels, no matter whether I try with old racks or new ones, ever time I make a new song, the settings (like preset selected) are not saved per-song…

Later, I loaded old songs (made before last week) and all works fine, but if I make a new song, in a new songlist, all settings made in that song are applied to all new songs…
I read several times the tutorials to review my way to make this, but nothing… can anyone help me? What am I doing wrong???

Hi Gustavo,

I don’t know if this is it but check this

  • click on the rack that’s not working and open it up
  • go to Files>Rack Options and you will see a screen like this

solc 1

  • where it says “Let the parent song control this rack’s state and gain” the box must be checked

Hope this is it


Hi dave, I already tried with that, it does not work either…
thanks anyway…

No problem Gustavo, you may have found a bug I will bookmark this post for @brad

thanks again Dave!
The problem started with v3272, that I installed last week. Before, I worked with v3244, in which I made the songs that work fine.
Best regards,

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You give an example of selecting a preset for a VSTi (presumably in a linked rack), and this preset selection then gets applied to all songs using the linked rack, not just the current song, is that right?

That sounds like expected behaviour to me, unless you’re using different linked rack states for each song. If you change something in a linked rack in a song, that change will always affect any other song using the same linked rack - that’s actually the purpose of linked racks, so you can re-use sounds etc.

The only exception is if you set the “Exported Behaviour” checkbox for something, in which case the song controls it rather than the rack.

Were the old songs (that seem to work fine) using the same linked rack?

Unless I’m completely misunderstanding what you’re describing.


I use “export” but it appear not work now… and it still working fine in my older songs…

You still don’t say if the old songs (that work) are using the same linked rack(s) as new songs that don’t?

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Excuse me Neil, I had to interrupt the communication.
Whenever I say I say “shared rack” I am talking about “linked rack”.
All the old songs made with 3244 version share the same rack and work well with “Exported Behaviour”. That is, for example, each song sets its own presets for each VSTi of that shared rack.
But in the newer songs made in version 3272:

  • although they share that same old rack, “Exported Behaviour” do not work well.
  • other new songs with a new shared rack also do not work.

Meanwhile, it´s surprising me that in the older songs made with v3244, when played in both versions (v3272 and v3244), “Exported Behaviour” work fine.

It does sound like it could be a bug then, or some weird issue when upgrading.

Does “Exported State” work for you in a brand new rack in a new song?


No it doesn’t, Neil.
At first time I tought the problem was caused by my VSTis. I developed them using Flowstone (ex Synthmaker). But later I tried with 3rd party VSTis and occured the same problem…

In brief, about “Exported Behaviour”:

  • songs made with older version of Cantabile work fine with either older and newer version of Cantabile.
  • If I make a new song by copying an older one, within the same songlist, so that I use a shared linked rack for all songs, it work fine.
  • If I make a new songlist and then I make new songs from scratch, no matter whether I insert the older racks or I make new ones, it does not work as expected from “Exported Behaviour”.

If you prefer it, I can take a while to make a pair of small songs, then I would send them to you, with one or two VSTis included.

I’d suggest waiting until @brad has a chance to look at this. He might be immediately able to identify what’s happening.


Ok Neil, thanks.

Hi again Neil, I continue burning my brain with the “export to parent song” state issue. All the problems already described occured when I updated to v3272, either 32 and 64 bits. Note that I use 32 bits plugins. (with Jbridge for 64 version of Cantabile).

Now I returned to v3266. I comment the results:

  • on v3266; 64 bits:
    If I select presets from the VSTi menu, all works fine. ( the presets changes when I switch to another song).
    If I use a preset loaded from disk (in the native file format of my VSTis) , “export to parent song” works wrong, that is, the loaded preset from disk affects all songs…

  • on v3266 - 32 bits:
    Therefore, may be a problem with JBridge? I tried some settings in it but no solution… only work fine in v 32 bits.

Although I use 32-bit VSTis, I wish to work on Cantabile 64-bit due some benefits: it is more stable, no certain problems with media players and with bindings that experienced in Cantabile 32-bit , more memory available, etc…
Any news from Brad?

@brad would normally chip on on a topic like this, but he’s been rather quiet for the last few weeks. I think he’s busy working on the new user interface library for Cantabile, that’s a step towards having a MacOS version. Consequently he may be rather busy.

I would have thought you should expect the exact same behaviour for 32- and 64-bit Cantabile, so something does look wrong there, either in Cantabile or jBridge.

One further experiment you could do - try a 64-bit plugin on 64-bit Cantabile. If you see the same problems, then that would rule out jBridge, as that configuration wouldn’t be using jBridge.

Which state behaviour do you have “Export to parent song” enabled for? If it’s “Selected program”, then I would expect the program you chose in the menu to then be stored in the song. But if you loaded a preset from disk, Cantabile would still be saving the program number in the song, not the patch itself, and so I would expect that not to work as expected. However, why there’d be a difference between 32- and 64-bit Cantabile in that respect, I don’t know.

One more thing - do you see this on all plugins, or just a specific plugin? It could also potentially be a plugin bug…?


Hey Guys,

Sorry for slow response to this. (Had a crazy couple of weeks and then this week a voilent vomitting virus which I’m only just getting over, and now coffee withdrawl headaches for which can’t decide whether to go back to the caffeine or stick it out. Throw in dealing with macOS development tools and it’s cocktail for too much fun.).

I can’t think of anything offhand that might cause this problem although there were a couple of changes in this area around 3258 so it’s entirely possible.

@Solcito - if you can email me a couple of files that behave differently that’d be great help.

I’m probably going to take it easy for today and the weekend and then hopefully be back in full force by Monday.



Hi Brad! Thanks by your response. First your healt, man… I hope you be fine. Please give me one or two days to prepare the files in an organized way, so them will be a clear material for research.
Best regards!

Good observations, Neil. I will experiment with program numbers and patches.
I have made “Export to parent song” with “selected program”, and all items except “color” and “solo…”. I have checked just “Export to parent song” boxes, and I am not checked the other boxes at right. These settings are made inside the rack on each VSTi, and on each midi connections.
I tried with VSTis made by myself (made with Flowstone, ex Synthmaker) and then I tried with a 3rd party 32-bit plugin. Altough I will experiment again with another plugins. Also I will try with 64-bit plugins.
Anyway, until now the only remedy is to back to v3266 of 32-bit. Only that version works fine, and only with those bits…
Kind regards,

Hi Brad, Have you gone back to the coffee? I recommend replacing it with chocolate. There’s news that say scientists discovered that chocolate is good for the brain and lengthens life …

Regard my problem with the “export to parent song” , now I do not understand anything … as I told You, I had returned to Cantabile v3266 because it worked fine … now I reinstalled Cantabile v3277 to reproduce the problem and to make some files to send them to You, but now it turns out that everything works perfect … before that, I just I made a new linked rack to try its behavior, then I unloaded it and I returned to work with my typical rack… it’s as if those actions made any changes and solved my problem… Although I do not know the cause of the fault, I hope it does not fail again …
Anyway, I thank your attention and the attention from Neil.

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Hi @Solcito

OK, that’s weird. I don’t like it when issues just magically fix themselves! Please let me know if it happens again