Pedal polarity switch


Is it possible to switch pedal polarity in Cantabile 3?


This would have to be done in the Keyboard/Controller the pedal is switched into.
What you can to is invert the received controller-data via a Midi-Filter (I think)!

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Hi @pimeehosee

For most MIDI controllers you can easily flip this with a MIDI CC filter that maps an inverse range. eg: suppose you’re pedal is sending on CC 16, you could use something like this: (not the flipped target range)

You can use the same approach for other kinds of MIDI messages too (see the controller kind drop downs).

If you want this applied everywhere you could set it up on the MIDI port (Options → MIDI Devices → Double click the port, click the MIDI filters button and put the filter there).

Alternatively if you’re connecting the pedal to a Cantabile binding you can use the same flipped range trick in the value mapping column, or if it’s a switch type binding there’s an inverted setting:



Thanks! Works like a charm!

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