PEDAL FADE a Utility Rack for Cantabile 3 Performer Mar 2021

Hi All,

This is where I fade out this new series of racks :roll_eyes:.

Anyway this is the last of the new fader racks I worked on with the new trigger engine driving it. It is specifically for use with swell or expression type pedals or MIDI value sliders. In operation it adds some features that previous versions for fader pedal I made do not.

  • It adds the ability to partially fade up or down and pause with a reverse pedal or slider action.

  • It adds a mechanism to ensure it starts in sync and try to prevent logic reversal (pedal back = minimum gain).

It is set in the same way as the previous racks in this series as far as fade speed and gain windowing.

The easiest way to start off on the right foot is to unzip the contents of the .zip file to the Cβ™ͺ3 Racks folder location you use and it’s ready to go.

In the Tools>Options>Miscellaneous>Advanced area make sure β€˜Show Loopback Ports’ are checked!

The following video should explain the rack and how to use it.

I always wanted my previous pedal to act like this one does with the ability to partially auto fade and determine when to stop the action so I am replacing the old rack in my songs that used the other version with this new one ASAP.

One last note. If you want to have different settings per song state check the Exported Behaviors box for the rack

Here is the rack and Pdf manual.

PEDAL FADE :radio_button::level_slider:.cantabileRack|attachment (287.3 KB)

Thanks for the Interest and Cheers!