Pedal as Fader?

Here is my use case. I want to layer two soft synth sources on a single MIDI keyboard, using one foot pedal as master gain for both sources and the other foot pedal as a fader (or balance control) between the two synth patches. So for the second pedal, a controller value of zero would be 100% for source 1, 127 would be 100% for source 2, and 64 would be a 50/50 mix between the two. I know how to setup the binding for the first pedal using the Gain action, but I am puzzled how to bind the fader/balance function to the second pedal.

Hi Bruce

I think I’d use the gain sliders on the plugin slots and set up something like this with 4 bindings. 2 for overall gain of the 2 plugs and 2 that are reverse scaled … e.g. Of course you could tweak the scaling on the (Pan) fader bindings to your prefs.

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That looks like it would work. Thanks for the tip, Dave! I wasn’t sure if I could use the Gain action for both the master and fader functions, but I will give it a try and report on my results.

It may not work for your needs but if it doesn’t you could run the audio out of both plugs to an embedded rack (MIXRACK in example) and control it’s gain as the master.

routing for plugs and rack

interior routing of the MIXRACK

Bindings for this arrangement …

This might well be a more rational arrangement for music making. The other has possible unwanted interaction as you alluded to.