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Does anyone know how to keep a pdf attached to a song in full screen

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I am assuming you are speaking about the notes section of Cantabile. If not, please provide more information.
Unless there has been an update I am unaware of, PDF’s cannot be displayed in notes. However, you can convert a PDF to PNG, which can be displayed.



I Am using a pdf with lyrics each song has a pdf attached so that when I go forward with my foot pedal changing songs the lyrics are changing to the appropriate song but the lyrics are not coming up full screen and that’s what am trying to achieve

Are you using show notes in Cantabile, or an external reader such as a tablet, or pages behind the Cantabile screen? A screen shot would be very helpful in understanding how you are using lyrics.

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If I understand you are probably needing a command line option that forces full screen for your particular pdf reader or editor. For PDF Xchange apps you would use a binding something like this

When the song loads it executes the command line that forces the full screen mode for the file. The working directory is where the pdf files are on my rig in this example.

You will need to check out the command line options for your particular reader app to make it work for you.



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I’m calling pdf’s from from a binding and I’m using acrobat and acrobat refuses to stay in full screen

Thanks for clarifying. Look at Dave Dore’s comments above, and see if that works for you.

thanks dave i will check that out

thanks for your time , I have pdf’s with lyrics assigned to each song in my song list but when I play each song the lyric appears on a separate screen like a prompt screen and the pdf will not stay in full screen

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I use PDF exchange to convert my 1 page lead sheets to graphics JPG or PNG. You can paste those into Shownotes.

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…which is the way I do it. Much easier, less hardware to keep up with, but “to each his own”.

Instead of acrobat, you might want to try a specialized sheet music reader software like Music Reader - these apps are specialized to display full-screen and allow scrolling via pedals etc. Typically, you can also control these via MIDI from Cantabile (using a virtual MIDI port) - or the other way round: control Cantabile from the music reader app (load the right Cantabile song for your sheet music or whatever is in your PDF.




THANKS DAVE It’s working