Pass velocity with note to note binding passing velociy as well

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In some difficult piece I try to make it more simple by adding extra bass notes using a binding. For example playing a long c3 I add the f2 with a binding. That works fine, but I can only do this with a fixed velocity using the value field in the binding. Is there a possibility to pass the velocity of my key that I play (c3) to the extra key I define in the binding (f2),
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If you add the bass note with a route instead of a binding, that would pass the velocity on?


Possibly CodeFN42 Notemapper might work (Free VST). For an input note to Notemapper, three outputs can be mapped (notes, CC, aftertouch, etc.). When a note is mapped (when you play C3, notemapper plays F2 as programmed), the 0% scale lets the same original note velocity pass through with the generated note. In Cantabile, there has to be a route bypass around notemapper for the original note OR you have to program notemapper for every note on the scale.

If you use a route and the midi filter Note Map, then you can make all the mappings you need in one filter, and it will pass velocity as well. And if you need both the original and the transposed note, then you can use different channels and only make the change on one channel. And you can add the sticky note filter as well, to sustain the bass note.

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Yes, Note Map Cantabile Midi Filter does work; embarrassingly, I’ve never used it! I like CodeFN42 notemapper VST because it’s almost like a spreadsheet entry AND can map to other MIDI actions besides notes.

Hi Toaster,
that works for 1 note, but I have a few different notes in a state that I must map to another note, no constant intervals. So I believe it will not work with routes. Anyway, was my first thought as well,

I do not know notemapper, but it may work. I would have to program it differently for every state, but now I have to write quite a few bindings.

Hi TorstenH,
I am going to play with that, sounds like it can work.
Still I would think that it should be possible to pass the velocity with the binding as well. Maybe something for @brad?


fyi: the new binding system supports this.