'Part' should read 'State'?

In the set list we read ‘Part 1 of 3’, but it should probably read ‘State 1 of 3’. For most of us this isn’t a problem, but it caused confusion with one of our players last night.

Worth changing?

Hi The_Elf,

I agree that it can cause confusion, I have been using Song State and Rack State to explain what I’m referring to and I don’t use the term “Part” anymore. I believe it is a holdover from Cantabile 2. I think @brad mentioned something about it a while back.


Yep, this is a little confusing, but I chose this terminology to help distinguish the different use cases for Song States vs Rack States.

  • Rack States are typically used to reflect different sounds/effects on a rack.
  • Song States are typically used to represent the different parts of a song.

Even though states behave identically between songs and racks, their uses are (usually) quite different.

All that said, I’m not opposed to changing the terminology. Let me think about it.


Maybe it doesn’t need wording. Perhaps a couple of numerics somewhere denoting number of States and selected State in the current Song?

It’s not a huge deal. I’ll leave you to consider.