Parallels on Mac and Audio Drivers

Hi all-- I’m sure this isn’t canon, but I’m trying to run Cantabile through Parallels on a Mac. I’ve seen mention of a couple of users running it through Parallels, so I wonder how successful it is? When I start it up, I get a “Failed to Start - Failed to load Audio Driver” error. I had it initially with the default WASASI driver when I fresh installed it, and then I installed the ASIO drivers for my audio interface. It initially worked, and I could see the interface correctly, but then the second time I tried to load Cantabile I got the same error message (but listing the correct FocusRite ASIO driver) and can’t load the audio engine.

Anybody get the Parallels environment working stably? Any suggestions? Thanks!


Nope-- Tried Virtualbox as well, same issue: Failed to load audio driver. Went so far as to try installing WINE, but my first pass there I couldn’t even get the Cantabile installer to complete. Starting to run out of creative solutions short of having to go find a copy of Win 7 to buy for Boot Camp.

It was a long shot. VMs arn’t friendly to custom drivers.
I wouldn’t put much faith in bootcamp either. A laptop off ebay is a better bet.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with all sorts of virtualization environments. As long as you’re talking development or office environments, this is pretty workable, but as soon as you get to time-critical applications close to the hardware, I haven’t come across a solution that I would trust to run my live setup. There are just too many moving parts on two layers (Mac AND Win).

I’d say: either wait for @brad to complete the Mac version or get a decent middle-of-the-road Windows machine.



Thanks— I had the double whammy of having to replace my main keyboard and now my stage computer is throwing bad disk signs, so I really wanted to be able to make that spare Mac server work. Looks like it’s time for a new laptop!