Panning a Mono Plugin

Hey all!

In my recent mission to revive an old laptop to be used to mix a full live band I am looking to squeeze as much functionality out of a minimum of elements. I may be wearing the profiler out :slight_smile:

I wanted the ability to pan my mono input channels post processing, but the pan knob doesn’t seem to work. It works when using the stereo version of the same plugin, but the profiler shows that the mono version of the plugin uses about half the CPU power (logical, I guess).

My work-around is to create two stereo outputs in the mono plugin’s properties like this:


Route them like this, assigning the A and B send buttons and setting the A/B balance knob to 50/50:

The only issue I have noted so far is that the knob in question defaults to 100% left. Is there a preference that could be set for this control, modifying the default value?

UPDATE: a quick workaround for the default is to bind the send balance knob to the pan knob. Super fast and easy.

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Cool solution!! :smile: