Pad controller and chords


Hi, I use Cantabile with a few VST and my M-Audio keyboard. The keyboard has several pad button.
I’d like to use a piano VST, for example, to play with the keyboard, and I’d like to assign some piano chords to different pad button.
Is there a workaround to do this?



As long as your pad buttons send different notes, you can use a midi plugin like Scaler to convert these to MIDI chords and then route that MIDI output to your piano plugin.




Yes, it seems to fit my needs, thanks!

BTW, if I want to start a midi sequence or a FL Studio song?


If you want to start a MIDI sequence, you’ll have to

  • insert a media player in your song and load the midi sequence
  • Use a binding that is triggered by your pad button and starts the media player

If you want to start something outside Cantabile, it depends how that can be remote-controlled. I prefer MIDI control, so you’ll need a virtual midi connection like loopMIDI, then send out MIDI commands on this connection from Cantabile via bindings that are received by FL studio, listening to your loopMIDI connection. If FL studio is set up accordingly, you can start playback that way (I don’t use FL studio, so can’t help you there).

Not sure what version of Cantabile you are using - availability of media players and bindings depends on Cantabile version.




Heads up - my m-audio keyboard pad buttons are set by default to midi channel 10 (standard midi drum channel). I know that might be obvious to some but if that had been mentioned to me it would have saved a bit of time.


Thanks everyone! I will do experiments!


Hi, I downloaded the trial of scaler, installed it, but can’t load it in Cantabile, everytime I have dll error 13206.


Well, there’s a number of chorder plugins out there - try the free one from InsertPizHere. Their website seems to be defunct at the moment, but you can download the plug here: