PA $20 off no min purchase is back today

Code is BOOM-20-OFF .

Many of their amp sims (Nembrini built) are currently priced at $19.99 and the coupon allows you to get one for free.

Plugin Alliance site

[edit] Also, their Knifonium, Oberhausen, and Thorn synths are worth a close look imo.

I think their marketing plan is to do anything possible to get new customer and then rely on the strength of their products and pricing to extract $300 or so out of that new customer. LOL, worked on me over the last year, I’m using their stuff for about 85-90% of total plugin usage now and the improvement is not subtle.


Wow, can’t believe they’re doing it again! Thanks!
How did you find out about it @sekim?

I’m on their mailing list.

I just went for the Diezel Herbert amp sim since I don’t have anything in that vein. Sounds great for what it is, and I have no idea if I’ll ever use it. But for $4.99 with the deal…

Oh cool, I better join it.
I was tempted by the Diezel VH4 but I don’t play guitar so thought it better to use my free money on a tube saturator.