Ozone, ASIO4ALL, VB-Audio - so perfect!

Needed a little omp! on my voice when creating online learning.
Have been using Izotope Ozone when editing video, but never live/real-time.

Is this even possible to loop the USB-mic through Ozone and then to the Prezi Video recorder, I wondered?

It works. Amazing stuff.
ASIO4ALL makes my USB microphone available to Cantabile.
The Ozone 4 VST plug-in shows up in Cantabile.
Installed VB-Audio Virtual Cable to send the output from Cantabile as microphone input for Prezi Video recorder.

Sorcery!! 10ms delay which is nothing.

Thank you to all who posted here and helped me find a solution, and to all the fine developers of Cantabile, ASIO4ALL and VB-Audio



Welcome to the Forum!

Glad you are getting good results with Cantabile.