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Overview of improvements to Cantabile's Routing Diagrams

Covers a number of changes and improvements to routing diagrams in Cantabile build 4150.

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Hi Brad,

Looks very nice!!


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very very nice thanks!

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Hi Brad!
Just after finishing the new binding system you have started another exciting project.
Thank you for your incredible work, it is worth for every euro/dollar.

Even after years of using I am very satisfied with cantabile.It is stable and still very useful.

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Hi Brad,

I have watched all the new videos. Great job!

I really like the new features of the routing diagrams!



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Thank you @cdv_gabriel

Thank you @Stefan1

You must have read my mind. Pretty much every single thing that bothered me about routing has been fixed. AWSOME!


Thank you @mavriq.

(its not really mind reading when everyone’s complaining about the same thing :slight_smile: )

Great job, Brad. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @cpaolo

Overlay offset! YAYYYY!!
:+1: :+1: :+1:
Many wishes fulfilled. Big production boost. Thank you!

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Thank you @Ade, glad you like it.

Liking this! :+1:

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Thanks @sekim

I’m a table guy but now I’m looking with interest at the wiring mode with it’s new improvements. It’s come a long way and is looking really nice. Great work Brad! And thanks to all the users who helped this along!


I used to work in table view. Then, using a ‘support’ Mac for gigs I tried GigPerformer with its awful wiring view. But I’m lazy, and I never really got the hang of GP.
So I moved to Steinberg VST Live. Very ‘Steinbergy’ GUI and workflow, not so bad to learn for an old time Cubase user.
The Mac is sort of slave in a system where Cantabile is the real manager, talking via rtpMIDI.

Neither GP nor VST Live can compete with Cantabile. The new wiring view is absolutely great for less complex songs/racks, I love it now.
Only when I see a spaghetti-like screen it’s time for the table view.

Not to mention the man behind this brilliant piece of software, our very own Brad.


Thanks Guys.